The Ophthalmology Pharmacy
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Problems with Other Pharmacies

– Patients don’t fill prescriptions due to high out of pocket costs

– Prescriptions aren’t filled in a timely manner

– Missed surgery dates

– Multiple, time consuming phone calls from many different pharmacies

– Extra work on the ophthalmologist’s staff to keep up with coupons and rebate offers for brand name eye drops

– Prescriptions changed by the pharmacy, sometimes without informing the ophthalmologist’s staff of the changes

Solutions Offered by Apex Pharmacy’s Ophthalmology Program

– Medications for Dry Eye, Allergies, and Eye Surgeries

– Apex Pharmacy’s program provides a seamless transition from appointment to surgery date

– Surgery coordinator sends prescriptions to Apex via fax or e-script

– Surgery coordinator provides patient with a hand out sheet to introduce Apex and inform patient of the process

– Upon receiving the prescription, Apex’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will contact the patient.

– Apex stays abreast of all coupons and rebate offers through its network of pharmaceutical companies Apex inform the patient of any co-pays or costs

Apex explains the proper way to use each medication directly to the patient and ensures the patient understands

– Medication are shipped to the patient’s doorstep at no extra charge

– The ophthalmologist can issue standing orders to Apex to eliminate time consuming phone calls to the ophthalmologist’s staff

Patients receive their medications on time and at the lowest possible cost. Patients also have direct access to a dedicated pharmacy staff that specialize in medications used for eye surgeries.

Apex Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to all they serve and fulfill their mission, provide Physicians and patients with their preferred medications on time and at the lowest possible cost.