About APEX Pharmacy

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Apex Pharmacy is an independent, locally owned pharmacy located in Beckley, West Virginia. The pharmacy staff has decades of pharmacy and compounding experience.
​Apex Pharmacy specializes in Ophthalmology and Optometry products. Our programs assist both the physician and the patient – providing the most appropriate medication at the most affordable price.

Pharmacy compounding is the art of preparing customized medications to meet the individual needs of each patient. Compounds can be tailored to unique patient requirements such as allergies, dosing requirements, body weight, dosage form, and palatability. Compounding is a personalized form of medicine that increases patient compliance and improves therapeutic outcomes.

Apex works with both the provider and the patient to meet specifications for each individual patient. A wide range of dosage forms are available – animal treats for veterinary patients, topical creams, oral dissolving tablets, suppositories – a myriad of forms to increase patient satisfaction and improve therapy results. If you have a compounding prescription, contact Apex for a price comparison.


David Elefterion
Doctor of Pharmacy

David Elefterion has been a Doctor of Pharmacy for over eleven years now, and is a business partner in CBD Distributors, Apex Pharmacy, and sole owner of Elefterion Enterprises.

Jeff Brooks
Apex Pharmacy Co Owner

Jeff Brooks is a part owner of CBD Distributors, Apex Pharmacy, and sole owner of JB Consulting with over thirty years in the management and operation of various medical entities.


This is the best Pharmacy I have ever dealt with. They are so nice.


Its a really nice place to shop the people are polite and fast I would suggest it


Best Pharmacy Ever!!! Never wait!!! Friendly Staff!! Great Location!!